Saturday, June 28, 2008

2007 Montreal Championships Videos

The Montreal tournament is coming soon, hope to see some Windy faces. For now I just want to let you know that some real good footage just landed on Pro Kicker. Gilles Demers just finished a pretty darn complete report on doubles semis and finals, for a total of 7 clips. Just follow the link.

Don't forget that Montreal is a 3 days tournament this year so make your plans accordingly.

Singles starts at 4 pm on friday the 18th (direct elimination format)

Friday, June 27, 2008

Kicking Schedule

Hey folks...

We are setting up a regular kick EVERY Sunday at Union Park in Chicago, located at the corner of Lake St and Ashland St. We will play in Grove 4, which is on the west side of the park right along Ashland St. The park is super easy to get to by car (a few blocks north on Ashland from the Eisenhower or a few blocks west on Randolph from the Kennedy), by bus (Ashland, Ogden, or Washington routes), or by CTA Rail (Ashland stop on either the Pink or the Green lines). Our normal times will be from 2 PM to 6 PM. BE THERE!

For kicking schedules during the week please contact one of the following people:
In the city...
Tom (217) 549-6772 or Zeke (773) 919-1558
In the suburbs...
Scot (773) 447-2955 or Cory (630) 890-2298

Freestylers and 4-squarers are welcome, but we're playing Rectangular Kick Volley (also known as footbag net).

Thursday, June 26, 2008

Windy City Cup report on Pro Kicker

The first Windy City Cup was a blast, of course it needs improvement in certain areas but overall it was a fun tournament with a potentially great site. This could be built on over time so please Scot don't leave Chicago Scenic Studios.

I published a report page with results and pictures on Pro Kicker, videos will be posted later and I will let the Inner Rectangle know when it's done.

Great job guys and thank you for all your efforts.

I would have loved to win this but unfortunately second place was our fate this time (with PT Lovern, the Chaos Master). I want to congratulate the winners JF Lemieux and Gilles Demers, they played extremely well.

The singles finals was awesome to watch, good job guys and John Leys you rock man, this was solid.

Windy City Cup Final Photos from Enlightener

As many of you are aware, Scott Davison (Enlightener) came out to the Windy City Cup with his family and generously performed a few footbag freestyle demos in the middle of time-outs etc. While he was at the final site at Navy Pier he also snapped a few photographs. Enjoy and thanks Scott D!

Windy City Cup Prelim Bracket Photos

Here are some photos from the June 13, 2008 Windy City Cup preliminary brackets at Union Park. It was a huge treat to see Mike Bellman and Kelsey for sure - back from the old school train!

You can view these photos by Matt Sweeny & Kelsey at

Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Windy City Cup Results

I was wondering what was taking Cory so long to post these results until he informed me that I had all of the paperwork. Sorry for the unnecessary delay...

Intermediate Singles Net
1. Ted Fritsch
2. Vince Pontarelli
3. Kyle Marriner
4. Joey Ornberg
5. Josh Penney (s)

Josh hurt his calf in the second match of the day and had to scratch. It was Vince, Kyle, and Joey's first tournament. Joey and Kyle had never even seen the game before, and Vince was able to beat everyone in the pool except the gatekeeper.

Open Singles Net
1. John Leys
2. JF Lemeiux
3. Cory Current
4. Gilles Demers
5. Ben Alston
6. Elliot Johns
7. Walt Houston
8. Ken Hamric (s)
9. Tom Whitworth
10. Mike Bellman
11. Zeke Ibardaloza

A few upsets along the way to a great finals match at Navy Pier. Hammer scratched after a tough match with Cory in the quarterfinals, much to the delight of the rest of the guys from Tennessee. Nice work to Zeke who jumped right into the Open Pool in his first real tournament.

Open Doubles Net
9. Ted Fritsch/ Vince Pontarelli
8. Elliot Johns/ Zeke Ibardaloza
7. Tom Whitworth/ Mike Bellman
6. Cory Current/ Scot Hansen
5. Ben Alston/ Walt Houston
4. Ken Hamric/ Jeremy Mirken
3. John Leys/ Jack Harris
2. PT Lovern/ Yves Archambault
Windy City Cup Champions:
JF Lemeiux and Gilles Demers

1. Larry Doyle
2. Twenty-one way tie

Thank you once again to everyone that came out and made this event a great success. See you next year!

Monday, June 16, 2008

The Windy City Cup was a huge success!

I would like to extend my sincere appreciation to all of those who helped make the Windy City Cup happen over the weekend and to all of the players who made the trip. We had 21 competitors for our event: not bad for a first-year tournament. Cory will post complete results soon (if he can decipher my poorly drawn brackets), but the quick hit headline is this...

The Windy City Cup is on it's way to Montreal. JF Lemeiux and Gilles Demers bested Yves Archambault and PT Lovern in a great three-game match on the coast of Lake Michigan right in front of beautiful Navy Pier to earn the title of the first-ever Windy City Cup Champions. Congratulations to them.

John Leys beat JF Lemeiux in another great three-game nail-biter to take the singles title. Congratulations to John as well, and we thank him for spending his last "quiet" Father's Day with us.

I would like to take a quick second to personally thank the staff here at the Chicago Inner Rectangle for the many hands that made the workload so much more bearable: Zeke Ibardaloza, Vince Pontarelli, Tommy Whitworth, Matt Sweeny, Kelcey Dalton, Mikey Bellman, Carrie Cruz, Scarlet Stever, Maureen Twargowski, Mike Dolan, Eric Reile, Troy Rouse, and of course, Cory Current. You guys and gals were all superheroes all weekend long. Thank you so much for everything!

And a quick shout-out to our sponsors as well: Pro Kicker Footbags (the best in the business! Thanks Yves!), Communications Direct, The Store, Navy Pier, and Chicago Scenic Studios. Thanks to the bad-ass staff at Chicago Scenic for the rapid set-up and tear-down of the bleachers and the entire finals site.

And to the players that couldn't make it: make sure you're there when we do it all over again next year!