Friday, March 12, 2010

Black CLCK logo used for the new handout flyer

Here is the new solid black logo which was created for use on the new sh*tty flier created for handing out general info on footbag net.

Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Session 022810

Tommy and I are teaming up for Memphis so we played often this session. My excitement at how well we can potentially play together was stomped on with the reality of how inconsistent we can be as well. I played like stir-fried gay ass-cheese and had more than my fair share of stupid plays and brain farts all day. Didn't feel that strong physically and could not focus mentally. I really need to stretch out before session. Even if that means not playing the first 2-3 games to do my full routine. On the plus side, after a shaky start, I was setting well the rest of the day and served out a handful of times. Yay for me. Not practicing during the week sucks.

w/Scot 21-15 vs Cory/Ronnie
-toe flip during warmups
-Scot hits a monster side axe
-overset too much

w/Tommy 15 21 vs Scot/Cory
-strong start fizzled out in the end
-too many errors

w/Tommy 14-21 vs Greg/Ted
-too many errors
-Teds serves were killing us

w/Ted 11-21 Scot/Cory
-toe jam. yay

w/Tommy 15-21 vs Greg/Ted

w/Greg 12-21 vs Scot/Cory

w/Scot 14-21 Ted/Ronnie

Session 022110

A slight improvement from last weeks session but still not playing very well. This was also my first session after getting injuries almost 2 weeks before. I used a thick ankle wrap for for support. I had it on for maybe 10 minutes then it got so annoying that I eventually took it off. My ankle was not really a factor in my play though. My service returns were abysmal and I was setting extremely well...

for the other team.

The day started out ok but I felt I became more and more useless with every game. The one highlight came with a good game with Scot fighting back a strong comeback against Cory/Greg

w/Ronnie 5-21 vs Scot/Cory
-mental fuck ups
-set gazing was
-ankle was ok without brace
-solid defense, particularly from Ronnie

w/ Greg 15-21 vs Scot/Cory
-Strong start but faded

w/ Ted 14-21 Cory/Greg
-solid game

w/Cory 17-21 Scot/Ted

w/Ted 10-21 Scot/Greg

w/Scot 21-16 Cory/Greg
-3 big side axes to fight off a comeback

w/Greg 18-21 Cory/Ted
-we had lead but gave up 5 straight points at the end
-several long rallies

w/Ted vs 21-16 Greg/Ronnie

Session 020710

Not a good day for me. Ronnie fell back asleep and never picked me up so I ended up taking a cab to the session. I would have been more upset but he did go out of his way previously to drop me off at a session even though he was not going to stay and play. I guess it evens out . I don't have all my video notes from this session but I know I went winless. Everything was not working for me. I did manage a few big side axes. My knees have been bothering me a little since I'm back up to (and so far leveled out at) 150lbs but my wrists are really having a hard time when landing on the shop's surface. Cory was playing noticeably aggressive from the beginning and played strong throughout the day.