Friday, May 30, 2008

Windy City Cup T-shirt design

Well the final artwork is off to Scarlet who will then in turn get us a bunch of T-shirts printed with this artwork. There are lots of hands in this T-shirt pot and I know someone is going to have their toes stepped on with either the artwork on the front or back or T-shirt color, sizes - whatever. Let's just have fun with this super cool and different sport and enjoy our time with each other at the Tourney and don't get mad at me if you don't like the shirt! I am just the messenger man!

Wednesday, May 28, 2008

The Green Cup was the BOMB!

The fifth annual Green Cup presented by Chaos went down over the weekend and it was AWESOME. The level of competition rivaled that of any World Championships I've ever been to. It was the kind of tournament that you would have been happy just to watch, let alone have the chance to compete in. I'm sure that will be publishing full results soon and I can only hope to see some good video footbag at or once it's available. I know that Steve Dusablon was also working on a documentry, so once that's done I'll be sure to post where to find that as well. In the meantime, I'll share a couple of my favorite moments from the weekend...

The best part for me came early on. On the Friday before the competition began, Cory and I found ourselves on the opposite side of the rectangle from none other than Manu Bouchard and Randy Mulder for a pick-up game. I've seen both of these legends play better, but Cory and I were hitting the bag really well and we managed to pull off the upset 11-8. Considering the fact that Randy will not be seen on too many rectangles in the future, this was truly a game to remember for a lifetime for us.
The best tournament match I watched was Randy and Kenny Schults against Walt Houston and Ben Alston. Randy and Kenny were heavily favored, but Walt and Ben brought the lumber with them. After dropping the first game, they stormed out of the gates in game two. After being up 10-4 at one point, Randy and Kenny mounted a comeback to bring the game to 10-10. As Kenny went up for a spike, Big Ben went up and COMPLETELY stuffed him for the side out. On the very next play, Big Ben found himself stuffing Randy in the exact same fashion. Two HUGE blocks on two back-to-back plays. It was unbelievable. Big Ben got up and yelled "This is my court!" Two plays later, for game point, Walt got some air and stuffed Randy once more. Everyone that saw it went nuts. Kenny and Randy were able to pull it out in game three, but you have to take your hats off to the boys from Memphis for making one of the most dramatic matches I've seen in the game. They followed it up with a loss to Pat Keehan and Jack Harris before dropping another one in an absolute nail-biter to Yves Archambault and Ulli Hasse 17-15 to finish in 12th place.

And if the battle for 11th place was that good, you can only imagine how great the top 10 were.

Monday, May 19, 2008

Going Green

Cory and I will fly to Oakland on Thursday to compete as the first ever Chicago Inner Rectangle team entered in a net tournament. The Chaos Footbag Club is hosting the 5th annual Green Cup, and it is sure to be the biggest footbag tournament on this side of the pond all year. With Worlds in Prague this summer and American currency tanking all over the globe, all the players that can't afford the airfare to Europe are instead investing in tickets to the Bay Area for Memorial Day weekend. (I'm one of those guys.) Not only is there going to be top-notch competitors from all over the US and Canada, but MANY international players are making the trip this year as well. In addition, we will be witnesses to the return of Kenny and Randy to the rectangle. I can only hope that we draw them in our pool and have the chance to make them think twice about the decision to come back.

I absolutely cannot wait to make the trip. Hopefully I'll see you there!

Friday, May 2, 2008

Get on the Rectangle this weekend!

We're setting up the rectangles this weekend at Welles Park (Montrose and Western) at 2:30 PM Sunday afternoon. Rain is the only thing that might stop us! See you there...

Windy City Cup Handout Flyers

Scot asked me to create these flyers which you can hand out when you are out and about and have someone who you would like to tell more about the Windy City Cup tourney.

You can also download the new 2009 Windy City Cup 4-up flyer too!

There are 2 files for the handout/flyer:

A letter size larger flyer [PDF] and...

Another of the same flyer 4-up on 1 sheet [PDF] which you can cut out and pass around and is intended as a smaller flyer.

Updated Windy City Cup Logos

Well, after working with Scot we have make some final alterations to the Windy City Cup logo, moving things around slightly but keeping the same look and feel. I have posted High Resolution versions of the artwork which you can download as a JPEG, AI (Adobe Illustrator version CS2), EPS (Vector .eps file from Adobe Illustrator) or just grab all three files in the ZIP download.