Tuesday, August 25, 2009

The CLCK Family is Growing!

Congratulations to Bryan and his wife Bonnie, who gave birth to their first child in the early morning hours on Sunday, August 3rd. Anna Peironnet Nelson weighed in at 7 pounds, 15 ounces. Mom and baby are both fine and looking forward to heading home.

Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Zeke Bitches About Net, August 2009

July has come and gone. It fucking sucked compared to June. I was discouraged by not being able to play (doubles) after several straight weeks of practices. I grew to dislike practicing altogether. The drill sessions grew less and less structured. Fortunately, August brought my first doubles games in almost a month. Not one of my strongest outings. I got a few decent kills and I was serving well most of the day but I was over setting way too much. Defensively my service returns were freakin' terrible until the last few games. Then they were upgraded to not so freakin' terrible.

Ronnie had a rough afternoon but he did enjoy and appreciate the opportunity to play with the others as much as I did. He hit his first toe reverse in a game when on our first team up of the rotation. Scot and Corry were in stunned silence which was disrupted shortly by my jubilant schoolgirl laughter! His serves were ok but he did serve out at crucial moments (ok, so technically every serve is crucial) and he missed a lot of sets given to him. His service return was the main source of his frustration but it improved later in the day. He did manage to foot a few digs which surprised me.

I think we need to get back to basics. Ronnie and I grew too fond of 2 man wall ball and neglected everything else, particularly service/returns. We need to work serve returns and defense more often. I'm confident that the upcoming edition of Memphicago will boost my motivation back up to help accomplish my goals.

No spikes here. Just tracking my progress at crossing the plane for the hell of it. In a game, I've probably never reached farther than 1/2 a foot past the net.

Ronnie and I playing "doubles" net against the wall. Fairly laid back session just trying to get rallies and kills. In case you were wondering, we do 5 push-ups as punishment when we over set. We were over setting so often that we eventually decided to just skip the punishment just to have the energy to finish out the session. Fuckin' terrible.

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Memphicago 4.1 is this weekend!

That's right folks! The fourth installment of the Memphicago Kick Volley Challenge will be underway this Saturday, August 15th, in Salem, IL. As always, we'll be meeting the boys from Memphis right around 10:30 in the morning for a day filled with spikes and digs. (NOW FEATURING: NO OUT SERVES!! (Maybe.)) We have 6 confirmed as of this posting. Will YOU be #7 or #8???