Thursday, July 30, 2009

World's in Berlin

Hi Chicagoans,
As none of you made it to Worlds this year I thought that you might be interested in a short recap of the finals day:

For now nobody knows where it's gonna be next year, some rumors were sending it your way but after Cory and Scot told me that their wives promised them a divorce if they did it again I took care of killing the story :-)

Luc Legault at the opening ceremony

Monday, July 6, 2009

Zeke Bitches About Net, July 2009

I've played a lot the first half of 2009. July starts the second half and there are still plenty of things to work on. I'm still not in the habit of warming up and stretching out. I have to get to sessions earlier to do my routine. I want to play as much as possible now that the weather is consistently warm.

Chicago Inner Circle's B-day jam will be on Saturday July 18. Hope to see you there.