Thursday, February 11, 2010

World Footbag Championships

The 31st edition of the World Footbag Championships will be held in Oakland, California, from August 1st to the 8th. Check out this link for more details as they are announced:

Monday, February 8, 2010

Session 013110

from Scot H
"Scot 8-1

Cory 7-2

Bryan 5-3 (won every game he played unless he was playing Scot/Cory)

Ted 0-7

Cory and I played 9 games, which means that Ted and either you or Tommy only played 7. If you and Tommy both played 8, then Ted only played 6. Either way, Ted lost every game he played yesterday, which is quite odd for him. (He forgot his normal net shoes, so maybe that had a lot to do with it.)

I think Tommy was a little off, but I’m guessing that you had a fairly decent day. NOTICE: you, me, Bryan and Cory all did doubles monster drill before we began. We all had good days. Ted and Tommy did NOT do the drills, and they had sub-par days. I firmly believe there is a connection here.

Shot of the day- you dig a shot into the net, I set it low off the net, you’re right there and you QUICKLY get up and sideways for the kill. AWESOME!!!"

Weird session 2 weekends ago. I finished 2-5. I actually warmed up and stretched. We even did a couple doubles monster drills to start the day. My body was feeling good but my head just wasn't in it. Six players on the court, Ronnie and Greg didn't make it out.

Scot and Cory played together most of the day to tune up for upcoming events. They won every game they played together. Bryan had a strong day winning all of his matches except when he played against Scot/Cory. Tommy had a 10-3 record the previous two sessions but didn't have as strong an outing on Sunday. Ted was just off and lost every game.

Lots of mistakes. Oddly enough, the music playing kept my energy up and I wasn't aggravated as I normally would have been. I still went home happy that I played. I guess that's why it was a weird session for me. Had a decent day offensively. Hit a couple sweeps and scuffs just because I wasn't "swinging for the fences" as Ted likes to put it.

w/ Tommy vs Scot/Cory 11-21
ugly game

w/ Ted vs Tommy/Bryan 18-21
close game. good defense. huge shtataff whiff. shtataffed bryan in the nuts. hit a couple sweeps, one hit the net and one flew outta bounds. week scuff hit back right corner. Bryan with running bitch slap at the net

w/ Ted vs Scot/Cory 6-21

w/ Bryan vs Ted/Tommy 21-14
played strong throughout as the other team fought back to chip at our big lead.

w/ Bryan vs Scot/Cory 11-21
strong start but fell apart as our opponents came from behind for the win

w/ Ted vs Tommy/Bryan 15-21

w/ Scot vs Ted/Cory 21-16
fun game

Quote of the day:
Ted finished his warm up and walks over to the court where doubles monster drills are just finishing up, "What the hell are you guys doing?"
Cory replies, "Getting better!"

Scots shot of the day:
I dig a shot in the front left corner but shank it into the net, near center court. Scot calmly steps to the net, waits for the bag to bounce off and gets a foot on it sending it left, back towards me. It was barely a half a foot over the net and maybe heading out of bounds. I get sideways quickly and hit a side axe for a kill. I was pretty pumped up and jumped up off the floor screaming.

Teds shot of the day:
I get a high set from Scot from the center. I step underneath and swing my leg up for a standing pulldown but my timing is off (as usual) and the contact is weak. Ted defends the the shot and tries to upper deck (bang to the back court, generally when both defenders are at the net) us. I quickly turn around take one big step to the bag and hit it with a sunback-ish toe kick that sails back to the opponents court for the kill.

My shot of the day:
In my last game, Scot easily defends a shot and bumps to me and takes his position front and center with his back to the net. In turn I give him I nice easy set that he friggin' murders with a monstrous standing sunback for the kill & for the win! No frantic scrambling, just perfectly fluid execution and solid teamwork. I sat out the last game just so I could end an otherwise mediocre day with his highlight.