Thursday, April 29, 2010

Session 042810: Busse Woods

Play of the day

Ted managed to set one of my shanks back into the court. I spun and tried a toe reverse but ended up hitting a sunback about 2 feet off Greg/Cory's front left corner. Cory kindly offers some tips on my positioning. The very next play, Greg sets Cory who smashes a sunback of his own into my right shin. He had a noticeable smirk on his face as if to say, 'that's how it's done newb sauce!'

"I see how how it is... that's how you sunback..." I mutter to myself as my shoulders slump.

Next, Ted receives the serve from Greg and pops it to the front right corner. I give chase. Quick step with the right foot. Deep step with the left then take off. Get in the air, tilt my hips, and cock my leg back for the swing. Quads flex. Core tightens. Toes extend. Contact. The footbag rockets down their left side just past Cory's dig attempt.

The split second after that bag hit my foot I found myself yelling as loud as I could

I swear I got that all out before i hit the ground.

The laughter dies down on both sides and Greg says, "but that was out!"
Godammit, Greg!

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The Inner Rectangle said...

You'll like this, Zeke...