Friday, November 23, 2012

New Pro Kicker video

Hi to all the fans of The Inner Rectangle,

Just want to let you know that Pro Kicker created a new video. It has some action from the 2012 World Footbag Championships as well as some Peteca singles over the net. (Peteca is a Brazilian game played by striking a shuttlecock with the palm of the hands over a Volley ball size net) There is also a very short Mini Net sequence. Check it out I think it's worth the 3 minutes watch if you like alternative sports.
Here's a list of all the players participating in
Footbag net: (Kick Volley): Florian Gotze, Yves Kreil, Karim Daouk, Grischa Tellenbach, Marilyn Demuy, Yulia Tikhomirova, Julie Symons, Jody Welch, Oskari Forsten and Jani Markkanen

Footbag Freestyle: Aleksi Airinen (shred 30 sequence)

Peteca: Luc Legault, Dominic O'Brien, Dominic Allard, Yves Archambault

Mini Net: Sebastien Duchesne, Yves Archambault

Edited with Adobe Premiere Pro CS6 in November 2012

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